Socially conscious Spanish personal care brand HAAN has launched in Ireland in partnership with Irish beauty and spa distribution company, Bluesky Products Ltd.  Sustainability and effectiveness meet style for HAAN’s range of refillable hand, body and tooth care, with 20% of all profits going towards eradicating global water poverty. 

Launched in 2018, HAAN is part of a new generation of brands that go beyond simply selling product – they want to build a better future for people and the planet. Founders Eric Armengou and Hugo Rovira’s vision was to ‘turn care around’ by creating an industry disrupting and socially-conscious brand that can help alleviate the global water crisis. In the past four years since their launch, HAAN have built a strong product range that is sold in leading retailers across Europe and Asia, while also funding the construction of 17 water wells in developing countries.

Natural Personal Care with Probiotic Formulas

HAAN’s range of personal care products include their leading Pockets Hand Santiser, Hand Soap, Hand Cream, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Deodorant and Toothpaste. Packaged in sleek refillable and recyclable bottles, HAAN sticks to its conscious brand ethos with natural ingredients, prebiotic formulas and fresh clean scents. All HAAN products are cruelty free.

Refill, Reuse, Reduce

HAAN estimates that people can save up to 89% plastic by refilling their personal care products and have created an innovative refillable packaging system for all their products, without compromising on style or efficacy. This results in less plastic use, less water and energy used in manufacturing, less CO2 emissions from production and a lesser end cost to consumer.

Water is Life

Speaking on HAAN’s dedication to help fight the global water crisis and the knock on effect creating clean water in developing communities can have through the opportunities it creates, Eric Armengou said:

“The water crisis is an unknown cause but with huge global repercussions. It is difficult to understand how there are still so many people without access to water or food. Sometimes, this is caused by a country’s poor resource management. In other times, because the surface water has been contaminated. Bringing safe water to developing communities turns problems into opportunities. Access to clean water improves health, increases school enrolments and fosters economic prosperity. For us, water is life and every single HAAN sanitiser is giving 134 litres of safe water to developing countries. “

HAAN in Ireland

HAAN is now available to buy in Ireland via select retail partners nationwide including Industry & Co, Drury Street, Dublin 2 – RRP €4.90 – €15.90

Find out more about becoming an HAAN retail partner in Ireland here.