This year, our longest standing brand partner, Kerstin Florian, is celebrating 45 years in business. We’ve worked with this pioneering brand for nearly 20 years and have loved being part of their brand story in the Irish and UK luxury spa markets where we work closely an amazing array of Kerstin Florian partner spas. As a brand Kerstin Florian, are recognised for their award winning products and a selection of exceptional spa and wellness experiences that cater for every type of guest. From soothing spa rituals to rejuvenating therapies, everything is perfectly crafted using natural ingredients, which are used to create  sensational sensory experiences that will leave you feeling relaxed, revitalized and balanced, as a true spa experience should!


Kerstin Florian – A Timeline


45 Years of Kerstin Florian

It all started way back in 1978 at a cozy spa in California’s beautiful Laguna Beach. Fast forward to today, and Kerstin Florian is recognised as a pioneering leader in the world of spa, with over 200 spa resorts worldwide proudly showcasing their treatments and products for the face and body. With a brand philosophy that combines a delightful fusion of European spa traditions and Eastern philosophy,  Kerstin Florian is one of the few spa brands that has managed to stay loyal to the true meaning of spa, while continuing to innovate and delight guests, crafting unique spa therapies that harness the healing wonders of nature, while also embracing a holistic approach. Kerstin Florian understands that true well-being is about feeling good inside and out, and their spa experiences reflect just that.

So lets take a quick trip back to where it all began with Kerstin, a Swedish native living in California, opening her first spa in 1978 alongside her own range of skincare products, known as the Beauty Point System. These little wonders were tailored to different skin types and featured heavenly ingredients like lavender, rose, and neroli. Many of these gems are still part of their beloved Essentials Skincare line today.

As the ’80s rolled in, Kerstin Florian expanded her range to include spa products for the body. Enter The Spa Programme, which comprised four different lines: Thermal Mineral Kur, Kräuter Kur, Aromatherapy Kur, and Thalasso Kur. These goodies made their debut in Sweden in 1989 and are now part of the fabulous Essentials Body Care line.

Stepping into the ’90s, Kerstin Florian gave her product lines a fantastic makeover. The body products were rebranded as SPA KUR, while the facial products were labeled Facial SPA KUR. They sported chic white bottles, jars, and tubes adorned with the iconic Kerstin Florian-blue logo.

Then, in the 2000s, another redesign took place, and the lines were renamed SPA BODY/SPA FACE. Kerstin Florian introduced Med Skincare, a range of cosmeceutical products designed to deliver visible results. These powerhouses targeted specific needs and became part of the incredible Correcting Skincare line. And if that wasn’t enough, they also unveiled the luxurious Caviar Skincare line, which offers the crème de la crème of anti-aging solutions.

Recent years have seen the expansion of the brand to include ANDA a completely natural and vegan range of products for skin and spirit, created by the late Charlene Florian who’s vision and passion for the Kerstin Florian brand and wellness industry will never be forgotten.

As we celebrate Kerstin Florian’s remarkable 45-year journey, one thing is evident: this brand has continued to serve the spa professional and their guests needs, above all else. You will only find Kerstin Florian via select spa destinations and can be assured that each therapist who works with brand has undergone intensive training in all spa therapies and products to ensure guests enjoy truly memorable spa and wellness experiences. We are proud have Kerstin Florian as part of the Bluesky Products family in Ireland and the UK and look forward to seeing what innovations the future brings for this brand.

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