Organic Skincare Key Driving Factor

If you don’t see the need to offer your clients an organic range of treatments and retail products, think carefully, you are ignoring one of the key driving factors in the growth of the beauty industry.  It is predicted that the global skincare market will be worth $196.67 BILLION dollars by 2024 (7 years from now) and research identifies that organic skincare is going to play a major role in the future of skincare. Consumer demand dictates the market and consumers are increasingly seeking out organic and natural skincare.

There are many amazing organic skincare ranges on the market and it has brought about an awareness of the importance of thinking more about what we put on our skin, where it has come from and how it has been manufactured. As people actively seek organic alternatives in treatment and skincare, they are driving organic skincare industry to be more innovative and progressive – this has brought about a new breed in organic skincare – performance organics.

Why We Chose to Partner with Organic Nation

It was this realisation that sent us on a journey of organic discovery a number of years back. We searched for a suitable range of advanced organic skincare that we could confidently sell to our spa and salon partners in the UK and Ireland. We did our research and held focus groups to determine what the end consumer wanted from an organic spa treatment. We wanted to know why people wanted an organic options and in some cases why they didn’t. We trialled many ranges many of which over promised and under delivered, one issue we came across time and again was poor packaging – brands were packaging their products in jars and dropper bottles that once opened immediately exposed the product to contamination rendering it useless. Another issue became evident, while many people would refer to use organic options, they felt that some products didn’t have much of an effect on their skin and weren’t results driven enough.

When we discovered Organic Nation with its transparent soil to skin ethos and formulations that incorporated plant stem cells, peptides, retinol and AHAs, we knew we had found the perfect range to meet the needs of our spa and salon partners and the end user.

Organic Nation

Introducing Organic Nation

Organic Nation was created by industry innovators Vanessa and George Jilly, who have played key roles in international brands including Jurlique and Aveda. This power couple founded the USPA range in the early noughties and drove its development of over 100 botanical skin and body products and rapid international expansion into 12 countries around the world. They sold the USPA brand in 2014 in order to refocus their goals and dedicate themselves to the development of Organic Nation. The result was a bio – dynamic range of 14 skin and body care products and 4 beautifully thought out treatment rituals. With certified organic ingredients ethically and sustainably sourced from around the globe, Organic Nation has been designed to fit perfectly on any spa treatment menu. All products are housed in airless, frosted amber packaging (glass and plastic) which is sourced in Europe,  meaning that no air or bacteria can contaminate the product – after what seemed like a never ending search, Organic Nation literally ticked all of our boxes. 

Organic Nation Ingredients

Choice is Key

So why should you offer Organic Nation treatments and products to your clients? We as distributors chose Organic Nation for a number of reasons. Yes, the product, formulation and packaging is excellent but it goes beyond that. The treatments comprising of 2 facial rituals and 2 body rituals (including Balinese Palming) are an experience that will be remembered and talked about by your clients. We also believe in the brand and its future – the people behind Organic Nation are true industry professionals and we can only predict great things for the future the brand. Most importantly Organic Nation skincare offers performance driven products that feed the skin and deliver results. It is the perfect range to introduce to your treatment menu that will work to enhance existing treatment options. With 14 key products that have irresistible shelf appeal, you will see an increase in retail revenue without tying your money up in huge stock commitments. Offering your clients advanced organic treatment options will appeal to existing and new clients alike. Just as restaurants understand the need to cater to vegetarian and vegan customers, spas must identify with the fact that people want organic options and by offering them you are part of the future of your industry. While we don’t think the industry is ready to replace existing skincare ranges completely with organic alternatives (just yet), we believe that choice is key and that Organic Nation is the perfect spa partner, to grow organically with your business.

To find out more about partnering with Organic Nation in the UK or Ireland, contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Organic Nation Treatments

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